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Soil testing provides an important management tool in developing an efficient soil fertility programme, as well as monitoring a field for potential soil and water management problems. Whilst a soil test provides basic information on the nutrient supplying capability of the soil, a test is only reliable if the soil sample is taken correctly and is properly handled after collection.


Anglian Soil Analysis endeavours to make the whole process as easy and error-free as possible by providing guidelines for gathering samples and relevant field forms to accompany samples.


Choosing the correct and appropriate analytical laboratory is important. We are totally confident in our abilities to provide analyses at a competitive rate based on over 30 years of experience in the field.

Established since 1977, Anglian Soil Analysis offers over 30 different analyses to meet the needs of agricultural and horticultural communities in Lincolnshire and beyond.

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Anglian Soil Analysis provides an independent, personal and complete soil testing service

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